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Hello. My name is Kenneth Møller. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and all photos on this page are my own.

lizalikeseggz: What made you first purchase the x100? Did you know anything about photography beforehand? Really admire all of your photos, they're beautiful!

Hi Liza!

I got the X100 for the looks and the amazing reviews it got. Oh, and the hybrid OVF/EVF. It really made taking pictures more fun. And while it’s true that it’s not the camera but the photographer that makes the image, the tool you use has to connect with you to really get somewhere (in my experience, anyway).

I’ve taken photos since my teens, with various SLRs, Powershots and DSLRs. But the Fuji just opened up a whole different world for me, even with all its niggles and flaws. Maybe because of them. It forces you to think more about taking pictures. And that’s a good thing.

These days my main camera is my Canon 5D Mark II. The weight, the grip, the sturdiness. And that full frame sensor. Love it.

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