Hello. My name is Kenneth Møller. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and all photos on this page are my own.

My X100 with The Gariz half case and DSPTCH strap The half case is in real leather and has very high production quality. Like this little embossed mark on the side. The bottom is made of steel and has a tripod mount. A feature sorely missing on the official bag from Fuji. The steel does however add a bit of bulk to the bottom of the camera. I don't mind, personally, and there's still access to the battery and SD card. The strap from DSPTCH is simple and sturdy. It's adjustable, and long enough to carry like a sling  and still shoot comfortably. The STANDARD LOOP next to the MINI LOOP. Be sure to specify if you order. the standard won't fit your X100. For travel protection, I got the Manfrotto Nano VII pouch The nice thing about the VII is that it juuuust fits the camera with the lens hood AND a spare battery.

X100 accessories (click the images for details)

- Gariz half case

- DSPTCH strap

- Manfrotto VII pouch